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Workshop Djembé


The djembé (drum) is one of the best known percussion instruments, coming from Western Africa. In Africa, it's very important to be able to use the djembé, as it is their instrument of communication.

The djembé has the beat of the uterus in itself, like no other instrument has. That's why the djembé can bring you very quickly towards a feeling of fulfilment inside of you and a feeling of being carried.

This workshopis given by Philip Cortez (percussionist of Astrolounge en Korova Sound System), with lots of rhythm, music and humor.

The Facts:

- starting from 1 hour
- minimum 4, maximum 2500 participants
- creative, physique, challenging, musical, ...
- adapted to your target, the goup, the level, the age, ...
- anywhere possible: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, Europe, ...

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