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Jeu de Foules


Jeu de Foules

Jeu de Foules

Jeu de Foules

Jeu de Foules

After every performance of Cirque Atomique we got many enthousiastic reactions: "Fantastic! Great show - a superb performance. Have you got another coverband like this, but with another theme?"

After a few months of brainstorming this is our answer: YES, and the name is Jeu de Foules!
After 8 years of performing, the lady and the 5 guys of Cirque Atomique know exactly what entertainment is.
Meanwhile they gave over 500 performances at festivals, employees parties, private parties, etc... and the last years with growing succes. That's why they continue the disco show band Cirque Atomique, and get a baby brother.

Since 2010 Jeu de Foules brings a recognizable mainstream repertoire from the 80's, 90's and now, in stylish clothes from society couturier Geert De Puysseleyr with the high interactive entertainment factor as we are used. We guarantee a 75 minutes during show with dancing pleasure that sets the audience on fire.


The Facts:

- 75 min + extras
- mainstream, coverband
- 6p: 2 singer, 2 guitar, 1 drum, 1 keyboard


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