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Whoever says a capella, says Voice Male. But Flanders has some other spices on its shelf.
D-Base, nicely peppered and straight from the 'Kempen', is a semi-professional a-capella-group with 10 years of experience. Dozens of times a year they travel around Belgium and vicinity to surprise their audience yet again with a sparkling repertoire: 4 courses-music, slows with a rich bouquet and a fruity aftertaste, from time to time haute cuisine and sometimes just good old fast-food.

Do you know a capella and do you love the genre, or did you not know it and did you think that 'a capella' was a region beer... Anyhow, you should come watch, listen and sing along with

D-Base is an a-capella-group who has been entertaining its audience for years. Tenors, baritones, basses, contra-tenor and a vocal percussionist bring an evening filling program full of surprising and swinging pop arrangements of mostly well-known hits.

D-Base performs for companies, cultural centers, private parties or small festivals.
likes to fit in made to mesaure humor.


The Facts:

- 75 min
- 2 or 3 sets
- a capella
- 6 male singers


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