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Astrolounge is a unique band who mixes live music with the best of its DJ's.

They mix well known music with the warm sound of saxophone and a beautiful dark voice. This pleasureable and surprising sound is completed by a few percussion instruments, such as djembé, conga, bongo, ...

With Astrolounge, you will ease into a warm bath of worldly and recognisable music: never disturbing and always with a good feeling!

The team exists of a DJ, a percussionist, a sax playeren and a live jazzy singer.
Ideal as background music at a client event.
Also suitable for a dance party with a jazzy twist.

The Facts:

- 90 min + DJ
- 3 or 4 sets, with DJ in between
- mainstream, lounge coverband
- 4p: DJ, singer, saxophone, percussion

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